2048 Blocks

If two of your biggest passions are puzzle games and pornography, then 2048 Blocks will be a real treat for you. Gameplay is easy to learn, yet tough to master. Start out by clicking on a block to shift it over into an empty spot. When you get two blocks of the same value next to each other, the two will merge together into one block that will have the value of the sum of the two blocks that it was made up by. Merge together all of the blocks and target the goal/perfect score of 2048. Tip: blocks have preferable directions to be shifted. If there are several empty spaces around a block it will choose the direction to move with the following priority - top, left, down, right. As you play this game and gain a higher score, the action will get hotter and naughtier, so keep at it if you want to see the most explicit stuff.



Sauna Fuck

Sauna Fuck

It's been a long, draining week that's left you exhausted, so you've stopped over by the sauna to sweat it out and relax. As you're sitting there your eyes begin to wander, and they're quickly held captive by a pair of drop dead gorgeous blonde vixens who came in and joined in. They're fully nude, letting their absolutely amazing bodies breathe, and it's driving you absolutely wild. They must have noticed you starting to get hard, because without having to say anything suddenly the girls are getting frisky with you. Take you pick between the babes and pound her out - she'll let you use whatever hole you want, pussy, mouth, or asshole, it's all great to her. Feel like painting her face up with cum? Because she loves that! Not to say that she isn't just as big of a fan of getting her pussy or asshole filled up with cum - frankly, as long as she gets served up some hot and sticky jizz she's happy as can be. Once you've fucked her real good, make sure to get her friend too, since you don't want her feeling left out! Control the speed of fucking as well as the hole which you're in by using the buttons along the right side of the screen shown during sex sequences. At the far right of the screen there's a meter that will make it's way up toward the top - fill it up and max it out and you can unleash your load in her. Boasting great hand drawn cartoon graphics, two sexy blonde babes to fuck, and of course lots and lots of hot and steamy action, you truly can't go wrong with this top notch title!