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5 Dollars Strip

A bit different of a XXX game, though one that will immediately feel familiar to those of us who spent much of our free time in the 1980's plunking quarters into arcade machines. 5 Dollars Strip plays similar to the 80's arcade classic Arkanoid, using the same principle of moving around an object at the bottom of the screen and colliding it with another falling object. Here's where it gets a bit different though - instead of the ball bouncing back, here you collect dollar coins. Collect 5 of the coins, and you get to enjoy a live action video of a sexy lady doing a steamy striptease for you. You have the option to save up your coins for later use too - and just like when you're at a strip club or a brothel, if you give these girls more, they're willing to give you more in return!





With her big tits and sexy red hair, April O'Neil is everyone's favorite reporter in her city - and with good reason! Not only is she an absolute stunner in terms of looks with a perfect figure, she's also a top notch reporter, always being the first with a big juicy scoop. Just recently she had become aware of the existence of a group of mutated ninja turtles that are living in the sewers down below the city. Not only could this be the biggest story of the year, it's like the biggest headline she'll have in her career! But the problem here is, April is feeling rather conflicted about what she she should do - recently she had befriended the turtles, and while she is kind as can be towards them, she doesn't know how the city will react - despite their largely non aggressive demeanor. So, as a compromise, April decides instead that she'll offer up her amazing body to her turtle friends - and it works out well anyways, since she's been so busy with work lately she hasn't had any spare time to get a good hard fucking in. The four half shelled hunks are happy to assist her with that, readily cramming their dicks into her mouth, hands, pussy, and asshole as she works them like a true pro. This is another title from the great Meet and Fuck Games, boasting everything you've now come to associate with them - great graphics, fun and enjoyable gameplay, good controls, a fun story, steamy sound effects, great humor, and most importantly of all, lots and lots of oh so hot and steamy action!