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Adventures on the Wild Planet

This game will have you playing through it as a German astronaut who goes by the name of Wolfgang. Wolfgang ended up running out of fuel for his space ship, and due to that now he won't be able to make the return voyage back home to Earth, leaving him no other choice but to land his craft on the surface of the strange planet he just so happened to be close by to. After touching down on the surface and emerging from his craft, he ends up encountering a tribe of hot Amazon women who have offered to help him in his quest of getting fuel to get his craft back home to Earth - but in exchange, these women want sexual favors! Try out this top notch XXX title and follow the story of Wolfgang as he tries to get home, and along the way enjoy lots of steamy action where he'll have his big hard cock sucked on, and fuck the wet pussies and tight assholes of the oh so sexy and ever willing to help Amazon babes of this strange new world.



Fright Night

Fright Night

Fright Night is one of our latest and greatest XXX games on our site, and from the moment you lay your eyes on the title screen of this game, you know right away that it's going to be a fantastic fucking game! You'll be able to take your pick from three different options to play - build up mode (this mode will have you seeing the story play out all the way as the devs intended), casual mode (for those of us who really are not interested in seeing the story unfold and want to just skip straight to the sex scenes), and casual black sheep mode, in which there is a few additional fetish focused scenes unlocked that normally aren't part of the main game. Whichever of the three modes you decide to play through the game in, you will start out with the wonderful visual treat of a gorgeous redhead vixen wearing a sexy set of fox ears, and topping off the look with a small and fluffy tail poking out from her big round booty. As you probably have expected with these sort of games, this honey is feeling extremely horny and is oh so ready to get fucked deep and hard - but, don't you even consider sliding your cock into her tight little pussy, tempting as it may be - no, she's a little anal slut, and all that she wants from you right here and right now is your thick prick slid balls deep into her air tight asshole. One nice little bonus that the developers of the game give you in this title is the degree of customization that it offers - you can modify and change all sorts of things about your foxy little anal slut's appearance, change around the speeds and positions for the sex, and lots and lots more. A little tip to make your game go easier - just as in real life, be sure to pay close attention to what this honey is in the mood for - if you do the sorts of stuff she's not in the mood for right now, she'll get turned off and become uninterested in sex - so make sure to give her what she's craving.