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Anal Reprogramming

Anal Reprogramming stars the gorgeous Vivi, a hybrid creation that is somewhere between a human and a computer program. She was enjoying a nice relaxing digital simulation of a beach, but the calm was suddenly interrupted as her systems get attacked by a virus, and can tell right away that the virus is making changes to the simulation. Suddenly she's finding herself bound and restrained while wearing a two piece swim suit. Up along the top left corner of the screen there will be a set of buttons that you are able to click to perform various actions, such as stripping off her clothes and inserting a nice big dildo into her tight little asshole. Using the dildo, you can inject special stimulants into her body - one will make her tits grow, and another one will cause her to sprout a dick. Using the buttons again will increase the sizes. There's also buttons there to click on to make her get a nice messy anal creampie, make her lactate, and you can even click one to make her use her giant tits to tit fuck herself!



Goth Blowjob

Goth Blowjob

Don't lie, you used to secretly check out that one weird girl who always sat by herself at lunch, and never seemed to smile. There was just something so fucking sexy about her - and that rings true for tons of goth girls. Sadly though, they were not an easy target - basically if you weren't a goth just like them, you were a poser in their eyes, and they didn't want anything to do with you. Well, now you finally will be able to have your chance to live out those high school fantasies and have your cock crammed deep down the throat a foxy goth chick. Your cock is sure to end up getting as hard as a rock when you see that spikey dark blue hair of hers as she strips down out of her clothes and then wastes no time wrapping her oh so soft and skilled lips tightly around your cock as she like magic works your prick with her mouth, lips, tongue, and hands together in perfect harmony (more likely than not, going along the rhythm of some Smiths song in her head all the while). With how incredibly talented she is at working a cock, it will not take much time at all for her to end up working up a nice big thick load out of you that she'll happily devour every last drop of. Playing the game is pretty easy - click on the 'next' arrows that come up on the top of the screen to advance things along. Your sexy little goth honey will start out more reserved in her cock sucking, but it won't take much time at all before she's gagging herself with your cock to the point that she's spitting up and making her make up run down her face!