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Blonde Rodeo

At a bar deep down south, you're having a few drinks by yourself when you see this sexy blonde country girl come in, wearing her sexiest and skimpiest cowgirl outfit. She climbs on the mechanical bull and after seeing her ride it, you're hell bent on having tonight end up with her holding tightly to you as you thrust and buck her as good as that bull just did! A few drinks between the two of you and she's more than willing, and the night gets even better as she leaves with you and a group of her equally sexy friends. What comes next is a wild and steamy orgy in which all of the girls will get each and every one of their tight holes used and abused. With live action video clips and crystal clear audio letting you hear all their squeals of delight, this game stimulates all of your senses as hard as these girls are getting dicked. Periodically you'll be prompted with choices to make in this game - answer correctly to advance the scene and continue to watch the XXX action unfold, but answer wrong and it's game over!