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Castle Whispers 1

We're taking you back in time to the Middle Ages of history in Castle Whispers 1, a high quality XXX point and click adventure game. In the game, you will be playing as a member of the kings' royal knights, tasked as always with defending the realm from any and all who threaten the safety of the kingdom. It's a rather tough job, to be sure, but on a plus side, it certainly earns you a lot of respect. And the hours may be long, but the king is gracious enough to offer a solid amount of time off - and lucky you, you're off for the next few days. Best of all, a carriage full of maidens has just slipped through the castle gates, with the ladies all taking up residence at the hotel. After all that hard work, you're aching for some serious R&R, so naturally you head to the hotel, where the blonde you meet there is smitten by your heroic deeds and is more than eager to take every single inch of your big hard cock into each and every one of her incredibly skilled holes. This game boasts some great graphics, fun gameplay, tight controls, a very useful save and load feature to let you pick up where you left off at a later time, multiple language options, and naturally, lots and lots of hot and steamy action bound to arouse!