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Castle Whispers 1

We're taking you back in time to the Middle Ages of history in Castle Whispers 1, a high quality XXX point and click adventure game. In the game, you will be playing as a member of the kings' royal knights, tasked as always with defending the realm from any and all who threaten the safety of the kingdom. It's a rather tough job, to be sure, but on a plus side, it certainly earns you a lot of respect. And the hours may be long, but the king is gracious enough to offer a solid amount of time off - and lucky you, you're off for the next few days. Best of all, a carriage full of maidens has just slipped through the castle gates, with the ladies all taking up residence at the hotel. After all that hard work, you're aching for some serious R&R, so naturally you head to the hotel, where the blonde you meet there is smitten by your heroic deeds and is more than eager to take every single inch of your big hard cock into each and every one of her incredibly skilled holes. This game boasts some great graphics, fun gameplay, tight controls, a very useful save and load feature to let you pick up where you left off at a later time, multiple language options, and naturally, lots and lots of hot and steamy action bound to arouse!



Courtney and Izzy

Courtney and Izzy

We know that we have developed a bit of a reputation for not just having top notch XXX games, but also having some of the most extreme and taboo hentai games around - and Courtney and Izzy represents, quite possibly the most taboo and extreme title that we have - which is certainly no small feat! The game stars two babes who as you probably already have guessed, go by the names of Courtney and Izzy. The two girls have decided that the only way to live out their lives going forwards it through the way of the Futa - which is of course, the most kinky and taboo way that there is! Thanks to their new direction in life, these babes are sporting both of the fun parts - perched right above those oh so tight little pussies of theirs, they've suddenly sprouted out some big, rock hard cocks. As anyone in their situation would be, now they're finding themselves feeling very, very curious to put their new cocks to the test - experimenting and exploring each other's newly changed bodies. Let your perverted mind just consider all of the different possibilities for fun in this game when you've got a pair of gorgeous barely elgal honey who each have a cock and a pussy (and who can forget - an asshole and a mouth as well!). The other elements of the game are great as well - boasting some detailed graphics with a highly unique art style, extremely taboo content, steamy sound effects, tight controls, fun game play, smooth animation, and of course, lots of hot and steamy action. Even if you're on the fence with things more taboo and extreme, you might still want to give this game a try - you never know what you might find out about what really gets your motor running!