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Cuming Fever

A hot and horny barely legal brunette Asian hentai honey has had a fever come over her - and the only known cure for it is copious amounts of hot and sticky cum! It's your lucky day as you're the one who gets to serve it up to her. She's hungry for it, and she'll make sure to extract multiple loads of cum out of you, fucking you with her tits and having you paint her face up with a nice full load. Once you do that, make a point to pound her pussy out in multiple positions, and for good measure, make sure to squirt a nice thick load of your hot cum into her freshly shaved and oh so tight you pussy to make sure that fever quickly breaks. To play, you'll notice on the screen that there is a meter that fills up and once it does, next and previous buttons appear above and below it, respectively. Click next to keep the action moving forward, or should you want to see a scene play out again, click back to replay a previous section.



Sex Kitten: Eastern Rampage

Sex Kitten: Eastern Rampage

You can't go wrong with this one if you're a fan of not just the aesthetic, but also the entire culture of Japan, and that goes double if you're a fan of role playing games! The game itself plays as a bit of a hybrid between RPG and open world/adventure, giving you ample amounts of places to see and things to do. Best of all for things to *do* - there's a whole slew of gorgeous and oh so horny honeys in this game that are yearning to have some nice big thick pricks pounding each and every one of their oh so tight and wet young holes. And lucky for you, these horny hotties are as easy as can be, not making you go to great lengths to get the chance to fuck them. No, it'll take little more than just saying a nice thing to them to get the ability to do literally anything and everything that you want to their amazing young bodies. As a fun little hidden bonus in this game, if you dig around deep enough you can find everyone's favorite 'real but not really real' pop star, Hatsune Miku. Naturally, she'll be going by a different name - but it's still pretty unmistakably meant to be her. Since this is an RPG game, it is a game that will take you a decent chunk of time to complete, especially if you're going for full completion, seeing everything that the game has tucked away within it. You should definitely not let that turn you away from giving it a try though - this is a top notch XXX hentai game boasting some truly incredibly hot action that you will not want to miss out on.