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Daughters Punishment

That once innocent and pure as snow daughter of yours has changed her ways, and as of late she is acting like a dirty slut - exactly what you taught her not to be. You've raised her better than that, and now she needs to be taught a lesson. You have hired a friend of yours to sneak inside of your house in the middle of the night to fuck her - using a scared straight approach to straighten her out and teach her some modesty. Initially it seems to be doing what you had hoped for - the look on her face seems to be one of pure and unrestrained horror. Though, it doesn't take a whole lot of time of having a big hard cock slamming in and out of her pussy deep and hard to put her at ease, and in short order that look of horror becomes one of pure delight. This game boasts some great graphics, a highly taboo and oh so arousing premise, sexy sound effects, a strong bondage them, and lots of hot sex, making it a top notch XXX BDSM title!