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Dirty Dinner Table

Dinner is served! The weather outside is perfect, and there's oh so much being offered on the menu in this outdoor setting! In this game, you'll be quite literally taking on the role of director in a porn shoot - this is a game made up of live action video, so it's almost as if you're sitting there on set in the director's seat. It's up to you what happens in the scenes in this game! The video clips feature three girls and three guys - and they're not hungry for food, but rather, each other! At various points in the action the girls will prompt you with questions you'll have to answer - there's only one right answer, but it's pretty clear which the correct choice is. Choose right and the scene continues to unfold, but choose wrong and it's game over - you'll have to start all over from the start and make better choices if you want to see everything there is to offer in this game, and we recommend you definitely do - the action contained in this game is unbelievably hot!