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Double Tunnel

Boner inducing barely legal brunette hottie Denise had been told that only one train can go through a tunnel at a time. She has her doubts, though. Tonight, she's with her gorgeous blonde friend, and they've got two fired up locomotives ready to go deep and hard into those tight tunnels! The gameplay is easy - you simply watch live action video clips, and you'll get periodic prompts for what to do next. There's some bad answers that result in a game over (hint - the 'bad' answers are pretty obviously bad, and the good answer is quite obvious as well) but if you answer correct the scene continues to play forward. You'll definitely want to keep at it to see everything that happens - these naughty nymphos will suck cock, lick each other's pussies, get fucked, have anal sex, and even do some steamy double penetration before they both get hosed down with copious amounts of hot and sticky cum.