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Elana: Champion of Lust 2

Top notch XXX title Elana: Champion of Lust 2 picks things up right where part one in this high quality series had left off. Elana succeeded in her quest to return the wonderful power of magic and lust to the happy inhabitants of her island, but unfortunately, she is still not back to full enough of strength to be able to keep things that way. It will be left entirely all up to you to rally together the forces of the horny inhabitants of the island with this beautiful and big breasted fairy to be able to fight off and fuck away the forces of evil that are relentlessly threatening their livelihood. Boasting some great anime inspired visuals, intriguing and unique gameplay, a humorous and interesting story, steamy sound effects, and of course all the hot and steamy XXX action you could want, Elana: Champion of Lust 2 is most certainly not a title to be missed out on!



Boom Boom Volleyball

Boom Boom Volleyball

This is a game sort of like volleyball... but not quite, and of course, with a XXX twist added to it. The goal to achieve when oyu play this game is to get the bomb, which is in place of a regular volleyball, on to the other player's floor - doing this will have the effect of reuding their 'boom boom resistance'. While the game does play mostly like volleyball, following the majority of the rules of the game, you'll still have to be careful when you play - for instance, if you bounce the bomb more than three times total, it will end up blowing up over your head! A game over will happen if you have no boom boom resitance left - but should you manage to do the same thing to your opponent, you will win the match over them. This game can be played by yourself, or with another player - and without the need for extra hardware, just by sharing the keyboard. For playing the game single player, you'll move with the left and right arrow keys, jump with the up arrow (you can hold and release this to get more height), down arrow key to do the splits (which will let you perform a low rescue shot and quicken your descent), and space to hit the bomb/volleyball. When playing two player, controls are as follows: for player 1, Q is hit the ball, D is move left, V is move right, and C is to do the splits. For player 2, the right shift key hits the bomb/volleyball, left arrow moves left, right arrow moves right, up arrow jumps, and down arrow is to do the splits. See how long you can last in this challenging take on the classic sport, and all along the way enjoy all the steamy sights being offered up by the beautiful competitors! A highly recommended title that you most definitely will not want to miss out on!