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First Date Fuck

First Date Fuck is how we all wish our dates would always end up going! In the game, you've met up with Kylie, a tall and slender blonde hottie who's got curves going on in all of the right places. You two had just shared your first date the night prior, though you can't remember if you got lucky or not - the entire night is a total blur to you. Though, lipstick prints and a phone number in your pocket are starting to give you an idea that you did. Calling up the number, you meet up with her once again, fully alert for whatever ends up happening. The two of you meet up at a nice restaurant, and while she's off in the bathroom you use it as a quick chance to seduce her and get her off using just your fingers. You finish dinner and feeling horny, the two of you hop in your car and start heading back to your place. She's so horny that she sucks your cock and swallows a thick load of your cum during the drive. Now that you've finally got her back in your home, now it's time to feast on the main course and pound her soaking wet pussy deep and hard in a slew of different positions before treating her to yet another thick load of your hot and sticky cum.



Crimsom Yuna

Crimsom Yuna

No longer is the world facing near certain decimation at the hands of the beast Sin, thanks almost exclusively to the incredibly heroic efforts of Yuna, Tidus, Rikku, Wakka, and the whole rest of the gang. Though as much as she feels as though she should be filled with so much joy right now, Yuna is instead harboring a deep, deep sadness... seeing as how her love, Tidus, has seemingly vanished from existence after Sin was vanquished. Now that Tidus is gone, Yuna doesn't have herself a man anymore... and that's leaving her feeling rather sad, and extremely lonely. Even worse, she's a young woman at her sexual peak, with strong and deep urges and no one around to help her out with them. To be honest, it's not like she wants to find another man, to her, Tidus is her man, and he always will be - no one can take his place other than him, when and if he returns to this plane of existence. She does still have some strong sexual desires that need to be taken care of though - and to that end, Yuna will be getting helped out real good, in the form of a whole slew of slimy tentacles! The tentacles will ensnare her, keeping her wrapped up tight and in bondage, totally unable to move her body around as all sorts of long and slimy appendages will come out towards her as they enthusiastically fuck her mouth, asshole, and pussy. All of the text in this game is in Japanese, but don't worry - there's really no need to actually need to learn and Japanese, since it's only about 3 of 4 buttons labeled with text to worry about. After a few clicks, you'll have things all figured out as far as what buttons change up the scene and allow you to pose Yuna in various different positions and ways. This is a must play title for any of us who ever enjoyed the Final Fantasy games, especially those oh so gorgeous girls that the series always has in ample supply.