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Fun With Amber 3

You've had the chance to play with Amber a bit already now, in the first two games of this wonderful series. But, like an addict, you keep coming back, wanting more - and who can blame you? Amber is a total fucking fox, after all! The game builds upon the already amazing foundation laid forth by the first two games in the series, but naturally it makes it even better, adding more of the things you love. In the game, once again you will be on a mission to fully satisfy the jaw dropping and big breasted babe Amber as best as you possibly can in order to make her reach some massive orgasms that she has been craving so intensely. Boasting some great graphics, steamy sound effects, tight controls, and fun gameplay that will have you clicking on hearts on the screen in order to increase and build up the levels of Amber's lust, Fun With Amber 3 is a top notch choice for if you're craving a steamy XXX game to rub one out to.