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Gloryhole RPG

In this day, and in this economy, it's not always easy to make a young money. But, when you're a smoking hot barely legal vixen with loose morals, the world's oldest profession, prostitution, is always a good way to make a quick buck. In Gloryhole RPG, you'll be putting this young vixen to work as she sucks and tugs on hard cocks anonymously through a gloryhole. You'll earn credits based on how well you're able to tend your your client's cocks. Following each session, you're able to spend these credits on upgrades that will do such things as earn you money faster, make your job more enjoyable, or just straight up improving your cock sucking skills. You win the game by earning this Asian honey enough money to cover her college tuition... which will take a while, because as we all know, college is expensive! Play the game by moving the mouse to perform different actions (keep your eyes on the bottom bar). To keep your clients happiest, be sure to use a variety of moves to keep things interesting. There's two bars along the side of the screen, one showing your clients pleasure level, and another showing how close they are to cumming.