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Hentairella 2

This is the highly anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed Hentairella game, and lucky you, it's even hotter and steamier than the first game was, believe it or not! The star of this game is a drop dead gorgeous big breasted barely legal blonde hottie who is making her way through space. She's finding herself facing one of the biggest problems with long duration space travel - it gets incredibly lonely and boring, and it inevitably leads to some horniness from the crew... I mean, they're only human, with human desires! Sadly though, there's no such luck for this babe on board - it is a solo mission and the only companion she has with her is her stuffed bunny. Start the game out by clicking on the six red buttons along the top of the screen - this toggles various bits of clothing on or off. Once you've dolled her up how you want her to look, click on her stuffed bunny. He'll suddenly spring to life, and is able to fuck her tight pussy and give her that sexual release she's been so desperately craving as she cruises aimlessly across the endless black expanse of outer space. Highly recommended!