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Jessica vs Holli

At the MnF Club, there's a massive rivalry between the club's two biggest draws - Jessica and Holli. The two girls are complete divas - each one believes that they're the star and that the other one is just a waste of space that is riding on their coat tails. Things have reached a peak and they're ready to settle things once and for all - and on this Friday night they decide to hold a contest to see who is truly the sexiest of them all. They'll be judged not only on their appearance and measurements, but also how well they perform sexually. Jack, the lucky bar owner is likely happy as a pig in shit that he's going to be their guinea pig as they take turns sucking him off, wrapping their big breasts around his cock, getting fucked, and taking loads of hot and sticky cum. Make sure you get to have a lot of fun with and see what each girl is capable of before making your final decision as to who is the winner, and the supreme draw of the MnF Club!