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Jessie Redemption

You'll be playing the role of a lawyer in Jessie's Redemption, and right off the bat you'll run into Gary, the prosecutor. A popular rock star named Jessica has found herself on trial for doing some of the typical rock star antics, like trashing a hotel room. You've found yourself unable to take your gaze off of her - she's even more captivating in the flesh than she is in magazines and on the TV screen. You want it bad - but, that'd violate your lawyer code of ethics, unfortunately... She then makes it even harder for you when she comes to you for legal advice. She knows damn well that with looks like hers, she'll be able to get you to do anything that she wants you to. And, if she's going after you for something she wants, why not have her return the favor with some hot and steamy sex?



Dirty Ernie 6

Dirty Ernie 6

Sometimes sequels are a shitty and unneccessary thing, but thankfully, the Dirty Ernie series has not yet succumbed to that sort of fate. This game is the sixth entry in the long running series. The makers of this game like to refer to it as "the world's first interactive adult sitcom" and to be quite honest, we would certainly agree with that analysis! While you play through the game, you will be an active participant in the show, and at various times while playing you will be presented with assorted different interactive elements and a slew of options to pick from. When this occurs while playing this fully interactive XXX sitcom is entirely up to the player, with the choices that you make dictating how things will unfold before your very eyes... but since you're here visiting our XXX game site, it's safe to say we know what sort of choice you will be making! So naturally, it's all up to you to say the right things, and perform the right actions to be sure that our horny hero Ernie gets himself a nice solid number of opportunities to get his hard cock sucked, tugged, and ridden by these insatiable sluts. Don't be too careless though with your choices - if you're smart and wise and choose your answers correctly, all of Dirty Ernie's naughtiest fantasies will become his reality - but pick your answers incorrectly and our poor hero Ernie is going to be left suffering from your poor choices, horny and totally unsatisfied sexually. Now that you know your mission, it's all up to you to fulfill it and make sure that Ernie gets to pound out some tight pussies!