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Karyukai: The Flower and the Willow World

Back in the 1990's, point and click style adventure games on PC were king - but since then, it has become a genre that seemingly all of the studios have been overlooking. At least the big studios - thankfully there's smaller studios like Horny Gamer keeping that genre alive with steamy XXX games like Karyukai: The Flower and the Willow World. This game has you playing the role of a jaw dropping barely legal American girl who is a college student and decides she'd like to see more of the world and joins the study abroad program her school offers, sending her off to Japan. During her time away from the states in the land of Japan, she will end up learning the ins and outs, the deep secrets of Oriental pleasure. While she's overseas in Japan she will certainly have more than enough chances to practice her new found skills, ideally forming her into a total pro so she can bring her new skills back to the states and become totally irresistible to all of the guys. Hell, maybe she can even open up an academy of her own and teach other young American girls the true art of Oriental pleasure! A nice feature that was added into this game enable options to choose from multiple languages, giving you the ability to play the game in either English, French, or German - so whatever your native tongue is, you'll certainly want to give Karyukai: The Flower and the Willow World a try!



Britney Dressup

Britney Dressup

Though it is a game most offen associated with very young girls, dress up is a game that the fun of is not diminished by age - or even gender, for that matter! Let's be real here, guys - what's sexier than when you've got a gorgeous girl in front of you, modeling all sorts of sexy outfits for you? (Well, other than having sex with her, of course!). When oyu play Britney Dressup, the star will be a stunning barely legal redhead vixen with an absolutely incredible body and curves in all of the right places who goes by the name of, you guessed it, Britney. She'll be greetting you wearing nothing but a towel, fresh out of the shower and ready to get herself dressed up in a way sure to get your motor running. Playing the game is simple enough - along the left hand side of the screen, you'll have a range of different outfits to select from - simply click on one, and then after you do that, Britney will disappear behind her room divider to change, and then she'll shortly after emerge and show off her sexy body in her new outfit, and pose a bit, modeling it for you. Off on the top right hand side of the screen, there's a button you can click on to toggle the game sounds on or off. Beyond that, there isn't a whole lot to it - just keep clicking on outfits that you want to see Britney wear and have her change into them. Safe to say, you will be picking your jaw up from the floor when you see how incredibly well she wears each and every one of those oh so sexy outfits of hers! Easily one of our best dress up themed games on our site - you'll want to check this one out.