Last Brick in the Wall

TEAR DOWN THE WALL! Some fucking dickhead just built a wall, not realizing how pointless they are, and that people will always get past them. Especially when behind said wall, there's an extremely erotic movie being played. Hell bent on seeing it, you've devised yourself a method to bring down the bricks of the wall to enable you to view the extremely explicit video playing behind it. Use your explosive bubbles to clear bricks - when two bubbles overlap each other, they charge up and begin to shine. When they are shining, they may explode and take out the nearest brick. Catch this moment as it happens and click on the shining bubble to clear out bricks. Clear it away, and watch the move unobstructed. Of course though, this prick keeps building the wall back up, and keeps playing increasingly more explicit videos every time - so keep tearing that fucker down and enjoy the steamy sights behind it!