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League of Pleasures

Here's a game that will be sure to appeal to all of you fans of the wildly successful online multiplayer game League of Legends, and especially the boner inducing babes contained in the game! In Leage of Pleasures, you can take your pick of busty and beautiful warrior hotties Lux, Nidalee, and Miss Fortune and then proceed to strap them tightly into a fuck machine to let it prod at their eager holes until it brings them to ecstasy as they have massive orgasms that make their whole body quiver from a total pleasure overload. Gameplay is easy and straightforward enough - repeat the actions that you see prompted on screen. The four actions in question are tit squeezing, pussy fucking, mouth fucking, and asshole fucking. The goal you have is to use them in the correct order to drive these vixens wild and bring them to massive orgasms at the hand of your machine. A highly recommended title, and a can't miss one at that if you're at all a fan of League of Legends.



Fake Cumshot Maker

Fake Cumshot Maker


Plain and simple, for a guy, there's really not much of anything in the world that's hotter than seeing a girl with a fresh and still warm load of sticky cum all over her face - and even more so if it's your own cum! No way around it, facial cumshots are some of the hottest things in the world. Though sadly, it's a pleasure that a pretty good portion of us will never really have a chance to paint up the faces of our lady friends - for some weird, totally unknown to us reason, it seems as though the vast majority of girls really are not fans of getting blasted point blank in the face by a load of cum. There is some hope though now, for all of those of us who will never have a chance to enjoy the visual stimulus of our lovers with ropes of cum dangling off their faces - and it's here in the form of Fake Cumshot Maker! Now, right off the bat, we're going to say that this is not a game, unlike 99% of what we have here on our website. Rather, Fake Cumshot Maker is much more so a tutorial on how one can use Adobe Photoshop (or a similar graphics editing software - though mind you, directions in this will be catered towards Photoshop and how to do it in your software of choice may be different) to create nearly totally life like looking cumshots on any photo you want. We're pretty sure by now you've gotten all sorts of ideas in your head about ways that you could utilize something like this... so, get to it! So, if you're the type who's got themselves a uptight, prudish, sexually conservative girlfriend who would never in a million years let you shoot your cum in her face, now you can just take your favorite picture of her, and then following the directions in this tutorial, you'll wind up with a final product that looks almost entirely indistinguishable from the real thing! The possibilities are endless with what you can do here - it's not just for facials either, you can use this for putting cum literally anywhere and everywhere on a girl.