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Lover for Queen

When you're asked by the Queen to do something, you really can't say no - literally, because in most cases back in the days of Kings and Queens, to defy the demands of the royal family was a sure fire way to wind up with your head on a pike in the public square. Lover for Queen tells the tale of a poverty stricken farmer by the name of Alfonso as he embarks on a quest of becoming the tenth lover of the queen of the land. Though, since there needs to be some tests to make sure that he's up for this big challenge, Alfonso will be tested out sexually by the queen's helpers in various rooms of the castle. Desperate for the money, and fearing for his life if he doesn't obey the queen's wishes, Alfonso will have little to no choice but to endure some rather unpleasant things, including but not limited to having a big fat broad sit on his face, before he gets his true reward and the prize of the queen's royal pussy!