Lunars Chosen

Lunars Chosen - You receive extraordinary powers in this 3d sex game to do incredible things. There's also a love story playing in the background between Katie and one of her oldest friends. You have the power to create new worlds, to destroy galaxies, and to shape the love these two have for each other. The easy part is all the planet creation stuff since it's next to impossible to understand the female brain, but luckily this cutie is the horny type, and that means she's not too difficult to figure out. Cheat Codes Lunars Chosen Cheat Codes for v0.14 Patreon makeitrain - 1000$ amor - Katie likes you more! (Affection + 10) FCA - Futa content activated FCD - Futa content deactivated. enigma - Secrets unlocked! (some are Futa)