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News Reporter 3

The Boobitch sisters have always been a very competitive pair, and as usual, conflict has arisen, and it's quickly getting worse and worse - the two sisters are foaming at the mouth, ready to tear each other into tiny little shreds as they fight and bicker over who is the biggest slut and who has the biggest tits. Frankly, there's only one way a conflict like this can be settled - through a competition between the two girls, being judged by an unbiased third party - namely, you! The two horny sisters will take turns licking and sucking his cock, getting their amazing curvy bodies felt up by his eager hands, have their tits, pussies, mouths, and assholes fucked by a nice big cock. After the two babes have taken their turns on your pole, it's up to you to decide once and for all who is the winner! Though, to be honest, we're pretty sure no matter the outcome these two hoes will be at each other's throats all over again within a few days.