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Office Secretary 2

Working as a secretary at a highly successful company and with great coworkers, Linda just loves her job. She especially loves her coworkers - lately, there's been nightly erotic dreams about having some steamy group sex with her horny coworkers. As if it was any other day, today Linda is heading into work as the dreams from last night still race through her mind - but she just goes about her day as if it was any other. Quickly though, she'll find that today is her lucky day when her coworkers proceed to make moves on her and her deepest dreams become manifested in front of her. Following some light groping and a quick stealthy handjob at work, Linda invites the two studs back to her home when they're leaving the office for the day. She's in heaven as they have their fun with her, getting sucked off and fucking her tight pussy deep and hard. Follow the on screen prompts to play the game - generally, you'll have to do something like move your mouse or finger in a certain way, or click and hold on a spot. If that sounds like too much work though, or maybe if you'd prefer to have your hands free to take care of yourself, simply set things to auto and the game will do all of the work for you.



3 Way 8

3 Way 8

When a series has been going on for at least 7 sequels after the first one, you know that you're in for something damn good, some real true top notch XXX interactive entertainment. 3 Way 8, of course, does not in any way shape or form disappoint, even if you've played through all of the other seven games! The game will have you enjoying what is plain and simple, the most deepest fantasy of any male who has a pulse - to be with three different sexy babes - all at the same time! This game plays a bit more like a movie - when you start out it will be showing you a cut scene, depicting a guy (that you play as) breaking into a highly secure facility in order to steal a very valuable, but most importantly, very powerful dildo that is known to bestow some sort of wonderful gift upon the bearer - but, no one really knows what that poewr is yet. Right as he's reaching out and clutching it in his hands, a group of three beautiful babes bust in, hell bent on stopping him from getting away with the dildo. Unfortunately for this sexy trio of ladies, they were just a few seconds too late in getting to him - you see, the dildo has already accepted him as the owner, and has begun to merge with him - bestowing upon him the power that it holds within... which causes him to suddenly sprout two extra cocks, giving him a total of three. And how well it works out for him, since there's now three sets of holes that need to get tested out with his new found prick trio. It's right around here that the game will come to a brief pause, and prompt you on screen to make a choice - you could kick some ass, or instead of that, you could have some group sex - and come on, we all know what you all are going to end up picking... after all, this is a XXX games site! The vixens will be damn near foaming at the mouth when they see that you've got an eager cock for each one of them, and they bend over in front of you to let you pound in and out of all three of them, simultaneously. Keep on fucking them deep and hard, don't let up and don't stop until all three of your cocks erupt in unison, filling each girl up with so much fucking cum that it overflows from their holes and pours out from their freshly fucked pussies. Though it does seem to cause an unforeseen side effect of knocking these girls unconscious after a creampie - but at least that makes for an easy opening for you to escape without them trying to slow you down again!