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Office Secretary 2

Working as a secretary at a highly successful company and with great coworkers, Linda just loves her job. She especially loves her coworkers - lately, there's been nightly erotic dreams about having some steamy group sex with her horny coworkers. As if it was any other day, today Linda is heading into work as the dreams from last night still race through her mind - but she just goes about her day as if it was any other. Quickly though, she'll find that today is her lucky day when her coworkers proceed to make moves on her and her deepest dreams become manifested in front of her. Following some light groping and a quick stealthy handjob at work, Linda invites the two studs back to her home when they're leaving the office for the day. She's in heaven as they have their fun with her, getting sucked off and fucking her tight pussy deep and hard. Follow the on screen prompts to play the game - generally, you'll have to do something like move your mouse or finger in a certain way, or click and hold on a spot. If that sounds like too much work though, or maybe if you'd prefer to have your hands free to take care of yourself, simply set things to auto and the game will do all of the work for you.