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Pokemon: Hypno Mercy

It is pretty much inevitable that if you're ruling over someone, at some point, they might push back. This particular Pokemon trainer has just found that out, as one of her Pokemon refused to get back into his Pokeball following a battle. Instead, he pulls out a mysterious object that he uses to quickly hypnotize her, leaving her a mindless puppet ready to do his bidding. Not surprisingly, the first thing that him and his buddies want from her is some hot and steamy action! They've been looking forward to this opportunity for a long, long time - and they'll make sure that she sucks cock, swallows cum, has her pussy eaten out, gets fucked, and takes creampie after creampie to the point that a full on waterfall of it is pouring out of her freshly used hole. By the time they've finished having their way with her, she's going to be so covered in jizz that she'll look like a glazed donut. To play, all you need to do is to click the arrows on either side of the screen to move the action forward, or click back to go back and replay a previous section.



Pimp Quest

Pimp Quest

That old saying definitely still rings true to this day - pimping, is most definitely not easy! And just because Pimp's Quest is a video game, doesn't make things any easier. In fact, when you'll play this game you'll learn all about, first hand, just how incredibly difficult things can be out there for a pimp trying to keep his hustle game strong! That saying certainly does not ring truer than it does for this pimp - even for a pimp, his life is relentlessly chaotic. Like, to the point that this guy is just walking down the street, getting his pimp strut on, and he's got to deal with things like heavy metal safes being pushed out of windows, nearly landing on him and reducing him to nothing more than a gooey stain on the pavement. You will need to work damn hard in this game to ensure that this pimp is able to stay safe - and with all of that shit falling on him, you can bet your ass that it's going to entail some quick reflexes on your part. To do so, you must use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the pimp out of the way of what would be a certain death. Make sure though that you're quick on this part though - there is a very, very small window of opportunity in which you will need to react, so keep those fingers on the ready resting right on the arrow keys, ready to dodge them just in the nick of time. As tough as that seems, that's not even the only dangers this pimp will be facing. All of the rival pimps hate him for how good his hustle is, so they want to see him dead - leaving this pimp no other choice than to always be packing heat to protect himself. To shoot the rival pimps and various gang members attacking you, move around your mouse (or finger, if on a touch enabled device) to move the cursor to aim at your target, then tap your finger or click the left mouse button to shoot your weapon - though much like with dodging dangers in the game, this too will require that you are quick on the draw with your button presses.