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Strip Pin Shoot

With a title like this, it's a bit confusing as to what you're getting into off the bat - though thankfully, the game itself is not confusing at all. In terms of how you will be playing it, Strip Pin Shoot is a relatively simple game - you will shoot a pinball around on the playing field, but as you are doing this, you will need to take care to make sure that it does not fall out of the play area. As you make your way through the games numerous levels, you will have to shoot an increasingly high number of balls (starting out with 6 on the first level, 7 on level 2, 8 on level 3, and so on and so forth) to win. Making your game playing all that more exciting will be an absolutely mouth watering blonde honey with a mind mindbogglingly great body on her will begin to slowly and teasingly stripping off her clothes, making damn sure to get you nice and build up and eager to see more and more of her! Though if you want to see more of her, like it often is in real life, you're going to have to work for it. Starting out in the earlier levels, the show that she puts on for you will be relatively tame, but as you make your way up into the higher levels of the game her show will keep getting increasingly more explicit until she's going full on hardcore right in front of you as you knock those balls on screen (and probably your own, too) and make your way to the goal.