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Like the old saying goes, pimping ain't easy - but at least in Strumpets it is, if not in real life! Strumpets will have you playing the role of a pimp - and as a good pimp needs to do for his girls, you'll be tasked with going out and lining up a steady stream of horny clients for your girls as you try to do everything that you can in order to maximize the amount of profit you make. As your girls earn money, like good little hookers, they'll make sure to give you your nice sizable cut out of their take. However, you don't want to just hoard your cash in this game - to really succeed, as that old business saying goes, you have to spend money to make money. Use the profits your ladies make ot buy upgrades for your girls, which will in turn allow you to earn more money from them off of each of their clients. Keep going until you're the most powerful and wealthy pimp in town!