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Super Smash Brothers - Sexual Melee

You've probably at some point over the past 15 years played at least one entry of Nintendo's popular Smash Brothers series of games that pits characters from all sorts of Nintendo titles against each other in a free for all brawl. But why all of the fighting? Make love, not war! In Super Smash Brothers - Sexual Melee, you'll be putting the fighting aside, and you'll be fucking your opponent instead. You've got your choice of three familiar faces, and after you take your pick, the game starts. You'll be fucking them, and along your upper left part of the screen there'll be different speeds to fuck her at, and on the bottom right corner there is a meter that gradually fills up, indicating how close you are to orgasm. You'll have to start out fucking them slow, but after a while you can pick up some more speed, before finally going deep fast and hard. Unlike the Smash Brothers fighting games in which the match is won by draining your opponents health, in this game the match is won after you drain your balls - by cumming deep inside of their eager holes.