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Swiss Tentacles

Rumors are swirling around the city near a mountain in the Swiss Alps of a tentacled monster who dwells on the peak, and he's known to snatch up women who stray too close to his lair, never to be seen or heard from ever again. We're going to go ahead and assume here that you can guess what happens next! A big breasted ginger honey strays too close, despite knowing of the dangers. Before she knows it, the tentacles emerge and ensnare her as she gets pulled inside of the monster's lair. All of those young holes of hers are going to get fucked real good by all of the tentacles! To play, Click on various hotspots, indicated with arrows, to go to different positions. click on her to take off clothes, and click around for some other fun little bonuses - like being able to choose if she's got pubic hair or not. This is a great game if you love kinky hentai action.