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Tales of Steam

It's always great when something actually lives up to its namesake, and Tales of Steam is definitely a solid case of that. Not only is the action contained within the game some real hot and steamy stuff, so is the environment in which the games take place - a sauna. A hunk was in there by himself, relaxing and sweating it out when a drop dead gorgeous redhead vixen comes in and joins him. Eyeing her up real good, she initially is playing hard to get with him. You're so relaxed in there that you find yourself drifting off to sleep, taking a short nap while you have a dream about her sucking your cock. It feels so real - as though you're actually getting sucked on. You open your eyes... and you look down to see the sexy babe on her knees with her soft skilled lips form a vacuum seal around your prick. You can then choose to cum down her throat or pull out and give her a facial. She's still not done though - next she's going to need you to fuck her! Bend her over and pick between her pussy or her asshole, and then when it's time to cum, choose if you want to cum deep inside of her pussy or asshole, or just pull out and hose her down head to toe in a nice thick and sticky load. Games are the best when they offer you lots of choices, and this game is a great example of that.



Dress Up Asuka

Dress Up Asuka

Prepare to pick up your jaw up from the floor, because once you see how incredibly fucking hot and sexy young honey Asuka is, you're going to be blown the fuck away! How can you not be totally engrossed by her beauty - sporting some beautiufl reddish orange hair, supple and healthy big young breasts, and an absolutely breath taking booty - straight up, barely legal perfection in animated form! And lucky you - for tonight, she will be all yours, and is just oh so fucking eager to give it all up to you! First things first though - you'll want to doll her up and make sure that you have her looking all sorts of sexy, transforming her into your own vision of a perfect woman. The game is very easy to pick up and play - there will be a tonf of assorted pieces of clothes laid out on the screen, and you are able to add clothes to her body by clicking and holding on an article and dragging it onto her. Doing this in reverse will allow you to take clothes off that you changed your mind about, or frankly, you just want to get a glimpse of that body of hers fully nude and free of all clolthing! There is certainly no shortage at all of clothes to have Asuka wear - skirts, body suits, accessories, glasses, underwear, and oh so much more. A fun little trick, is there's an option to add text to shirts - what's more, if you type in certain things they will act as passwords, unlocking new items and various other things in game - try out some different words in there to see what sort of effects it gives. Using the number keys 1-6 on your keyboard will allow you to alter her clothes. Along the bottom you can change a few things around - along the left there's the shirt text box, which will allow you to input whatever text you want onto her shirts. Just off center to the left, is the reset button - this will as you probably already figured out, reset everything back to the default state. Dead center along the bottom is the toggle for the music, on or off. Off to the right of that and extending all the way to the right hand corner of the screen are numbered buttons, 1 through 6, that correspond to different backgrounds. 1 is a night time city view across a river, 2 is a park where the flowers on the trees are in full bloom, 3 is a lush green park with some nice water features, 4 is a plain white background, 5 is a plain background and 6, well 6 is a mystery - you'll have to figure out this games' secrets if you want to find out what it is and see it firsthand.