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Tales of Steam

It's always great when something actually lives up to its namesake, and Tales of Steam is definitely a solid case of that. Not only is the action contained within the game some real hot and steamy stuff, so is the environment in which the games take place - a sauna. A hunk was in there by himself, relaxing and sweating it out when a drop dead gorgeous redhead vixen comes in and joins him. Eyeing her up real good, she initially is playing hard to get with him. You're so relaxed in there that you find yourself drifting off to sleep, taking a short nap while you have a dream about her sucking your cock. It feels so real - as though you're actually getting sucked on. You open your eyes... and you look down to see the sexy babe on her knees with her soft skilled lips form a vacuum seal around your prick. You can then choose to cum down her throat or pull out and give her a facial. She's still not done though - next she's going to need you to fuck her! Bend her over and pick between her pussy or her asshole, and then when it's time to cum, choose if you want to cum deep inside of her pussy or asshole, or just pull out and hose her down head to toe in a nice thick and sticky load. Games are the best when they offer you lots of choices, and this game is a great example of that.