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The Didlers

Tommy Pillowfucker is a highly embarrassing name that Tommy got from the bullies at his dorm after they caught him fucking a pillow out of his frustration at his inability to get laid. A smart and resourceful guy though, he's come up with a solution. He's created a magic gun that when fired at a drawing of a character, it will turn them into a real human being. Finally, Tommy will get to experience a little luck with the ladies and lose his virginity to these perfect 10s. There's a total of three different ladies you can fuck - a cat girl, a spider girl, and a raven girl. To play, you'll advance the story along by clicking the arrows by the text boxes and once the action starts, follow the prompts as the action moves from foreplay, to full on sex. Once your meter is filled up, click on the heart and you can cum. There's also blowjobs, tit fucks, fingering, and anal sex. Great graphics, sexy sounds, and a funny story make this one a must play.