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The Iron Giant 2

Hogarth has a giant robot that he pilots around, but unfortunately, the thing has broken down and he desperately needs to raise the money required to repair the thing. Problem is, he's a young guy, too young to get a job, and is pretty lacking in terms of possessions of his to sell off for a quick buck. One thing he does have, though, is a smoking hot mom who has curves in all of the right places, which gives him an idea. He figures, he'll take some nude photos of her and sell them to people he knows - because after all, who the fuck wouldn't be going totally wild over all of those amazing curves on her? You'll have to play periodic mini games in which you'll be tasked with snapping the necessary photos of her - move the cursor to the right of the screen and click and hold to tug on your cock - but be careful to watch what she's doing and make sure to stop when she turns and looks, because if she catches you it's an instant game over. When the chance comes to take a photo, a camera frame will appear in the lower right corner and you'll have to get the picture when it comes most clearly into focus.