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Vagina in the Steam

A team of ninjas have been sent to the hidden Village of Mist to steal the Karma Sutra scroll from the home of the Mizukage. You, the protragonist, are a clumsy young ninja tasked with finding her while she's outside the village to distract her to give your teammates time to search for the scroll. You find her bathing in a hot spring, and after watching her sip a drink nude, you tumble over the fence and she confronts you. At first she's planning to kill you, but you manage to talk your way out of it, and she decides she'd rather use your cock than kill you anyways. This busty brunette beauty will suck and tug on your cock before bending over and letting you put your hard cock deep inside of her eager cunt. Being a Meet and Fuck Games creation, you know this game will like all their other titles be at the top of the pack in every aspect.