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Window Girl

Some real bad luck has befallen this girl! A drop dead gorgeous barely legal brunette honey was making an attempt to sneak out of her parent's house so she could go out and see her boyfriend. Initially, it was going well, with her sneaking around like a ninja as she quietly and carefully opens up the window and moves the screen out of the way. She begins to climb into the window, wiggling her way through. Her waist was just about to clear the gap when she ends up finding herself stuck. For probably the first time in her life, that absolutely amazing curvy figure of hers has worked against her - those big and sexy wide hips of hers were just a bit too wide to make it through. Your job will be to help her get the rest of the way out of the window so she can go see her boyfriend - and if you're lucky, maybe she'll get a little bit freaky with you to show you how much she appreciates the help.





For all you furry fetishists out there, you're going to be in love with XXX game Concentration from the very first time you play it. Wasting no time with long and boring introduction screens that no one wants to sit through anyways, right away in this game you'll start out greeted face to face by a mouth watering, dog-like hottie who goes by the name of Delin Gri. She's sproting an absolutely amazing set of tits, a nice and wide set of hips, and plain and simple, an ass that just won't fucking quit! With a body like that, it's frankly sort of difficult for you as a student to be paying attention to your studies... She has been working damn hard at teaching you all of the nuances of the arts of the dark side - and now it is time to put your skills to the test and see how well the lessons have gone. Using the power of her mind alone, she will pick up objects and lob them towards you, and your only defense against them will be your lightsaber. Move around your mouse to mov ethe lightsaber across the screen, positioning it as such so that it blocks the objects, stopping them dead in their tracks upon contact. Once you have managed to pull this off successfully for a little while, then Delin Gri will proceed to strip down fully nude for you, allowing your eyes a chance to have a full feast upon that amazingly tight body of hers - totally unobstructed by clothes. After getting a nice visual treat like that, Delin Gri will waste no time in quickly putting you to the test all over again, though for the next time around, things will not be quite as easy - though at least the visual rewards will keep getting more and more explicit and naughty with each subsequent time! Test your skills and see how far along you can make it in this steamy XXX game.