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Window Girl

Some real bad luck has befallen this girl! A drop dead gorgeous barely legal brunette honey was making an attempt to sneak out of her parent's house so she could go out and see her boyfriend. Initially, it was going well, with her sneaking around like a ninja as she quietly and carefully opens up the window and moves the screen out of the way. She begins to climb into the window, wiggling her way through. Her waist was just about to clear the gap when she ends up finding herself stuck. For probably the first time in her life, that absolutely amazing curvy figure of hers has worked against her - those big and sexy wide hips of hers were just a bit too wide to make it through. Your job will be to help her get the rest of the way out of the window so she can go see her boyfriend - and if you're lucky, maybe she'll get a little bit freaky with you to show you how much she appreciates the help.