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Wonder Woman

She's all woman - and that body of hers, well, that thing is to put it quite simply, a total fucking wonder! For this game, Wonder Woman isn't up to her usual antics of saving the world - quite the opposite actually, as this time around she has been captured and is being held captive by a crazed evil scientist. This mad scientist has built himself a sex machine, and believes that it will be the finest example of one that the entire world has ever seen. Just one issue - he needs a test subject... but that's where Wonder Woman comes in! This is quite an extensively featured sex machine - there's suction cups to get at her tits, a bullet shaped object that will fuck her skilled mouth, and two big spinning dildos that tag team fuck her soaking wet pussy and air tight asshole. All the while she's looking a bit annoyed and talking some serious trash at the scientist, but we think that she would be a liar if she said she didn't at least enjoy things a little bit and orgasm several times!