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Young Teens Getting Pregnant 3

This game definitely doesn't mess around with titles - it's straight to the point, the way it should be. And if the title wasn't obvious enough, in this game, you'll be fucking barely legal teens and cumming deep inside of their pussies to get them pregnant. As you start out the game you'll be able to customize your girl with three buttons, allowing you to change her hair, her tits, and her skin tone. After you've gotten her looking just how you want her, click play, and then the real fun truly begins. Follow the on screen prompts and arrows to dope her up and then slam your big thick prick in and out of her whole, as her parents watch helplessly and it all gets captured on film. Once it's time to burst, make sure you empty every last drop of cum from your balls into her fertile young cunt to make sure that she ends up popping a kid out of there nine months down the line!