A Review of Steam’s Mystwood Manor Adult Game

In some ways, Mystwood Manor is an evolution from Faerin Games’ predecessor success, Man of the House. All the same, this 18+ game found in Steam’s adult section stands alone as a pretty good play. We’ll review Mystwood Manor and hopefully, that helps you decide if this game is for you. If not, you wasted your time reading this review. And we’re sorry.

Mystwood Manor

mystwood manor title cover for Steam

Mystwood Manor is a hotel that you’ve inherited from your dad who passed away. You’ll need to manage every aspect of this hotel, including staff and finances. In fact, one core component of the main story is that your late dad was in deep debt to the bank. And the bank wants it money back. This means you’ll need to make sure you squeeze any and all profits from the hotel in order to pay back the loan.

Mystwood Manor is a simulation game. You’ll play from the perspective that managing the hotel is your main goal, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that there will be more to this show given the cover art which features two presumably middle aged women with large, “eyes.”

Another subplot is that you have no idea how or why your dad passed away. You’ll discover that there’s a ghostly enigmatic plot-line that helps you discover answers to these questions. We’ll say it’s “otherworldly.”

You’ll hire workers to run the hotel. You’ll need to add on services. You’ll need to make the hotel better than its current state of affairs if you want to make your money back. And that won’t be an easy task. But no good game is easy, right?

Of the utmost importance and complexity will be the hiring of help. There’s the maintenance of the hotel, security, and health. These three pillars are marked by ratings. When the ratings drop, you need to work that out. These ratings help you decipher between a successful change or a failure.

Assigning employees to task will drain them of energy. Everyone can do everything, but they lose energy numbers and the only way to replenish those numbers is to give them a break. This means there’s a lot of schedule juggling.

There are customers. The customers rotate between around 10 of the same people. So yeah, its all about those regulars. The guest will stay in the hotel. The length of their stay adds to your points. So you want them to stay longer. Clearly, offering more services is a way to encourage a longer stay.

The customers come with a satisfaction rating. The higher the rating, the more satisfied, the better for you. You need to make your guests happy, it is as simple as that.


We aren’t over the moon regarding Mystwood Manor graphics, but they accomplish the job they should in a simulation game; particularly one of the adult genre. The artists aim for lifelike, yet fantasy driven imagery. The women offer unblemished, but realistic features. They do appear more human than toon.

Overall, the images are pretty good.


Mystwood Manor is a decent upgrade from Man of the House. The graphics are decent to good. Managing a hotel keeps you busy and entertained. As a simulation, you’ll feel somewhat immersed.