Your The Last Man On Earth? Our Shelter 69 Review

The dystopian world you feared has arrived. However, it doesn’t appear things are as bad as you expected. The Mad Max movie plots aren’t playing out (just yet). Instead, earth has a much more intriguing issue.

There’s only one man left and a bevy of 40 girls.

If you’re not following the concept that the last bro is you, you might not be smart enough for our blog. Which says a lot, given this is some lowbrow content.

You must be 18 to play this game, or read this Shelter 69 review. Shelter 69 is a top Steam adult or NSFW game.

Shelter 60 – An Erotic Last Bro Scenario Plays Out

You should be scavergering for food and water. Or maybe hoarding vital bullets. You might feel the need to walk about the earth wearing a gas mask.

But not in Shelter 69, where the only issue is that you’re the only man left on earth. Well, to be clear, that’s the perspective the game rolls with in the beginning. Being you can’t know everything about the entire earth, there could be more men. But for now, it’s you.

This post-apocalyptic story plays out with a central issue – life can’t go on unless you assist in repopulating the earth. Again, if you aren’t catching on to the central theme here, this game may not be right for you. Or any game for that matter.

You will need to traverse the earth’s new post-apocalyptic situation with the girls which you recruit to join you.

shelter 69 female

No one knows exactly why this bizarre scenario played out. But some believe that the male chromosone dissipated over time. The change happened in 2030. During that year, there were less boys born which precipitated the issue that your in today. Less men made for less overall population. The government tried to fix the issue but instead, mucked it up worse (that’s government for us).

You were put away in a shelter at a young age. This protected your well-being for decades. When you finally come out, the world is a different place than you were born into. Mainly, and again, you’re the last man.

shelter 69 interface

Society now offers a blank slate. There needs to be a new leader – might that be you? The world is now an erratic and erotic place that’s wild and untamed.

The plot of the game involves expanding the shelter you live in. You need to recruit as many girls to your mission to save the world as possible.

You are, in essence, rebuilding society. You’ll build your shelter far away in the mountains in a reclusive manner. You must provide a sense of safety and balance to your girls. Oh, and they must be pleasured, hence the adult aspect of Shelter 69.

Game Play

To begin, you’ll simply choose your name.

Dialogue runs at hte bottom of the screen. You’ll immediately interact with women who are often scantily dressed. You can quickly skip scenes as you prefer.

The moment you exit your protective shelter, women many not understand you’re a man. Remember, they haven’t been exposed to many men over the decades you were tucked away in a shelter.

shelter 69 interface

The music feature eerie beats in the backdrop, almost creepy.

Women will immediately want to comfort you. And some may want to dominate you or take control over you. The fact that you came out of a bunker is a big bargaining chip for many women living in a culture that revere protection. But trust will become an ongoing tipping point for most of your relationships. The girls don’t trust anyone given what they’ve experienced post-fallout.

You’ll utilize drag and drop for navigation within certain scene perspectives.

In Shelter 69, the flirtation and eroticism runs deep throughout this experience. Its currently a top played game on Steam. It may be worth your time to try pending your over 18 and enjoy adult oriented gaming.