Experience More: The Top 5 Augmented Gaming Devices in 2024

There’s little question that augmented reality is changing how we game. Yes, we experienced a bit of a lull in augmented gaming as the technology didn’t live up to the hype in expedited fashion; but its making a strong comeback.

We’re no longer limited to screens, AR experiences transform your surroundings into incredible arenas.

Are you ready to experience this leap in immersion? Here’s the top 5 AR gaming devices that are leading to the greatest change.

Meta Quest 3

Without question, Meta Quest 3 is the most popular AR headset on the market. And much of that has to do with its affordability. You’ll pay around $500.

As we’ll see down the list, some of these devices can price you out.

But don’t let the lower price point fool you, the improved passthrough on Meta Quest 3belends your real environment with virtual elements in an impressive, seamless way. The hand tracking helps create truly augmented worlds. It’s a little heavy, but again, you’re paying a heck of a lot less.

  • Highlight: Versatile powerhouse with mixed-reality capabilities for gaming and productivity.
  • Pros: Improved passthrough visuals, hand tracking, lighter design, powerful processor.
  • Cons: Can still be bulky for some, cost remains on the higher side.
  • Perfect for: Enthusiasts who want both cutting-edge AR gaming and immersive VR.

Apple Vision Pro

Some are describing Apple Vision Pro’s latest AR headset as the gold standard. And you’ll need a block of gold to buy one. Expect to pay around $4000 for one of these. Like all things Apple, the design is ultra sleek. It packs powerful graphical capabilities that enhance AR like never before. And it tightly integrates with all your other APple devices.

Apple Vision Pro is revolutionary, but it’s also crazy expensive.

  • Highlight: Apple’s high-end entry, blending sleek design with powerful AR/VR performance.
  • Pros: Rumored exceptional processing power, tight integration with Apple ecosystem, potential for revolutionary apps.
  • Cons: High price point, release date not fully confirmed, potential for initial software limitations.
  • Perfect for: Apple fans ready for the next big thing, serious gaming and XR experiences.

Tilt Five

The Tilt Five brings AR gaming to a new level. Players can gather around a special game board by way of these lightweight, comfy glasses and enjoy wild landscapes and creatures that pop into your screen view. Tilt Five offers amazing exploration opportunities in gaming. Expect to pay around $660 for a bundle.

  • Highlight: Tabletop AR system designed for easy multiplayer games.
  • Pros: Simple to set up, fun social experience, growing library of unique games.
  • Cons: Graphics not as advanced as standalone headsets, primarily for group play in a focused area.
  • Perfect for: Game nights with friends and family, those who love board games with an AR twist.

Sony PlayStation VR2

The PSVR2 is most popular for its use in virtual reality. But make no mistake about it, the PSVR2 is insanely good in AR as well. Its headset uses visual fidelity that enhances everything visual around you. Expect to pay around $600.

  • Highlight: High-fidelity VR gaming with potential for unique AR experiences through PS5.
  • Pros: Stunning visuals, haptic feedback, comfortable design, exclusive games.
  • Cons: Requires a PlayStation 5, less focus on standalone AR compared to others on this list.
  • Perfect for: Serious console gamers wanting ultimate immersion and PlayStation-exclusive titles.

HP Reverb G2

The visual details in the HP Reverb G2 is something of legendary. When used along side a powerful PC experience, gaming on the HP Reverb G2 is an incredible visual experience. The virtual environments produced by this device are hyper-realistic.

  • Highlight: A PC-powered VR headset for those demanding the best visual clarity.
  • Pros: Razor-sharp visuals, great for simulation and detail-rich games, comfortable to wear.
  • Cons: Expensive, requires a powerful PC to run, less focus on hand-tracking or AR blending than others.
  • Perfect for: Players prioritizing pure image quality and the power of PC-VR experiences.