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Hornblase Space Brothel

Science fiction and strategy gaming converge with each other in Hornblase Space Brothel. Like you more likely than not have already figured out from the title, this game will have you playing the role of a guy who manages a brothel in the far reaches of the galaxy, doing so as a futunari. This game certainly wastes little to no time, getting things nice and steamy right off the bat as your character is pounding the tight and oh so wet pussy of a reporter who initially planned to interview him, but got a bit carried away with hormones and desires. If you wish to truly succeed in this game, you will need to earn money to spend on hiring more hookers, and then lining up more clients for all of your new talent to keep the money flowing in. With some great cartoony graphics, varied and extremely well done character design, and some fun and addictive strategy elements, Hornblase Space Brothel is definitely not a title that you'll want to miss out on!