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Jessy POV

To us, the way porn should truly be is interactive and totally up to you - and Jessy POV does both of those things damn well! Jessy is a boner inducing barely legal blonde hottie who has a nearly bottomless desire to have her eager young holes filled up with a nice rock hard cock. You get to watch some super steamy live action video clips of her, and periodically she'll ask you questions - there's no wrong answers, so just tell her exactly what you want out of her. Make her wrap those soft and skilled lips around your cock, fuck her in missionary, have her climb up on top of you and ride your cock, fuck her pussy, fuck her asshole, and then be sure to treat her to a nice thick load of hot and sticky cum. Best of all, Jessy is always more than ready to keep on going again and again!





Who knows what is happening in your town, other than something big and dangerous.... No one is really sure of what it is, but it's been a plague on your home town, spreading like wildfire and as of yet, no one has figured out any sort of way to cure it, or even just slow down the process. Effects of said disease are about as terrible as it could possibly be - first off, the disease will quickly infect your whole body, spreading through it and wreaking havoc, causing your body's systems to shut down in short order. It will not take long at all for this disease to bring you straight towards death - but frankly, death would be a better fate than the next stage of the disease, where once you are effectively 'dead' you will shortly after come back to life again, though this time around you will be reanimated as a midnless zombie. As a zombie, you'll be a shell of your former self, only acting on one instinct, and one instinct alone - to devour human flesh. Though, not all zombies are the same in this city... sure, someone want to literally feast on your body and devour you to the point that you're nothing but a puddle of goo and gore on the pavement... but there's other zombies who are fiending for flesh in a totally different way - wanting some hot and steamy sex! This game is highly fun and addictive, and quite easy to play. You'll be using the arrow keys on your keyboard to move your character around on the screen. Use the space bar on your keyboard and you will be able to fire your weapon, and should you get yourself stuck in a spot and wanting to start the game over, you can press the Z key on your keyboard to reload the game.