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League of Pleasures

Here's a game that will be sure to appeal to all of you fans of the wildly successful online multiplayer game League of Legends, and especially the boner inducing babes contained in the game! In Leage of Pleasures, you can take your pick of busty and beautiful warrior hotties Lux, Nidalee, and Miss Fortune and then proceed to strap them tightly into a fuck machine to let it prod at their eager holes until it brings them to ecstasy as they have massive orgasms that make their whole body quiver from a total pleasure overload. Gameplay is easy and straightforward enough - repeat the actions that you see prompted on screen. The four actions in question are tit squeezing, pussy fucking, mouth fucking, and asshole fucking. The goal you have is to use them in the correct order to drive these vixens wild and bring them to massive orgasms at the hand of your machine. A highly recommended title, and a can't miss one at that if you're at all a fan of League of Legends.



Porn Bastards Korra

Porn Bastards Korra

When you see that Porn Bastards logo pop up on the title screen of a XXX game, you immediately know you're going to get something great - and as always, Porn Bastards Korra is no exception, excelling in every way that you can think of. In the game, finally you get to have your chance at Korra, the gorgeous babe from the anime Avatar, as well as the Legend of Korra. Normally, she doesn't go for cock, being a lesbian and all... but hey, when she's chained up and shackled tight up against a wall, it's not like she has a whole lot of say in the matter, right? Strip those pesky clothes away from her curvy figure to see her fully nude and let the beauty of it soak in before sliding your big thick cock deep inside of her pussy. It feels good - really good - in fact, way too good to have a condom on, so take that thing off to fully feel the silky soft walls of her tight twat. Thrust your big hard cock in and out of her tight hole until the cum meter reaches 100%, and then choose to either pull out and hose her whole upper body down with a big load, or better yet, leave your cock balls deep inside of her as you unleash every last drop of hot cum from your balls into her pussy before pulling out to watch it slowly drip down from her freshly fucked hole. Boasting great graphics, BDSM themes, customization options for hair, skin, eyes, mouth, and eyebrow, multiple views, and of course copious amounts of hot action, Porn Bastards Korra is everyhing a XXX game should be.