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Nutty Squirrel

We all know squirrels love themselves some nuts - but for horny squirrel babe Pistachio, there's a different type of nuts that she's craving - and she want you to feed them to her! When you start things out in this game, you can use your mouse or finger to click on the heart icon up in the upper left hand corner of the screen and then customize assorted things to your desires, such as the lighting, what kind of dialog she's using (off, normal, or best of all - raunchy!), and customize her outfit as well as other things about her looks such as hair style and color, nipple size and shape, makeup, sweat, pubes, and others as well. After you've finally settled on a look for Pistachio that drives you wild, she'll next ask you how you want to fuck her - use her pussy, use her mouth, use her asshole, or even use her feet! Have some real good fun with her and be sure to try out a few different ways of fucking her and having your cock pleased, and when it's reached the point you can't avoid cumming any longer, take your pick between either pulling out and hosing her down head to toe in hot and sticky cum, or leave your cock nestled deep in her warm and wet hole as you empty every last drop of your jizz into her eager hole - and best of all, Pistachio is always ready and willing for another round right away if you need to keep going!



7 Kisses

7 Kisses

Here on our site, we have no shortage of dress up games - but, they're a great type of game that deserves to be here, and we're picky in what we put up - only the highest quality content will be published. So, that said, 7 Kisses is far and above, one of the best XXX dress up games that you'll ever play, by far. One way this game truly blows all of the competition out of the water is the girls in it. You see, with just about every other dress up game out there, it's all focused entirely on one girl, and if you don't really care for her looks, well then, tough shit! Knowing that variety is the best thing to have, the devs of 7 Kisses cranked things up a few notches, having a total of six girls in game - should you manage to find the ones that are hidden away and need to be unlocked, that is. To unlock the girls, while you're playing the game at certain times you will see, tucked away in whatever sort of random locations, a dot. It's tiny, and rather hard to see - to be honest, it's damn near invisible but not quite. However, should you manage to locate the dot, you'll want to quickly use your mouse cursor to move over to hit, and holding your mouse cursor in position on top of it. Doing this will cause the dot to turn to a red color - you'll only have a short window to do this in, so you'll need to be quick, but when it changes color, click your mouse button on it and then you'll release one of the hidden girls from it, enabling them to be chosen as a new model for outfits when you play dress up with the girls. By clicking in the upper left, upper right, and lower right hand corners of the right side of the screen, you will be able to flip through a total of three different pages of clothes to make your model wear for you. After you find a piece of clothing you like, putting it on the girl is quite easy - hover your mouse over to the article of clothing in question, click on it, and keeping the left click button of your mouse held down, drag the clothes over to her, and then when you've got it lined up, release the button and she will be wearing it. You can do the same thing, but in reverse, should you want to take her clothes all the way off - we don't blame you at all for wanting to!