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Nutty Squirrel

We all know squirrels love themselves some nuts - but for horny squirrel babe Pistachio, there's a different type of nuts that she's craving - and she want you to feed them to her! When you start things out in this game, you can use your mouse or finger to click on the heart icon up in the upper left hand corner of the screen and then customize assorted things to your desires, such as the lighting, what kind of dialog she's using (off, normal, or best of all - raunchy!), and customize her outfit as well as other things about her looks such as hair style and color, nipple size and shape, makeup, sweat, pubes, and others as well. After you've finally settled on a look for Pistachio that drives you wild, she'll next ask you how you want to fuck her - use her pussy, use her mouth, use her asshole, or even use her feet! Have some real good fun with her and be sure to try out a few different ways of fucking her and having your cock pleased, and when it's reached the point you can't avoid cumming any longer, take your pick between either pulling out and hosing her down head to toe in hot and sticky cum, or leave your cock nestled deep in her warm and wet hole as you empty every last drop of your jizz into her eager hole - and best of all, Pistachio is always ready and willing for another round right away if you need to keep going!



BDSM Anime

BDSM Anime

For some of us out there, it's nice to mix in a little bit of pain with your pleasure - and in BDSM Anime from Hentai Gamer, you'll be meeting up with a drop dead gorgeous, barely legal curvy redhead hottie who lives her whole life by that motto! A nice little treat right off the bat here is that this game doesn't fuck around and waste your time on some nonsense story crap that you could care less about - we all are here for a reason to play these games, and it definitely is not for the stories! Right away this game just dives right in head first into steamy XXX action - something we wish more titles would do. When the game begins, you will be given an opportunity to doll this sexy girl up, customizing her appearance to your liking by changing around variables such as the color and style of her hair, and various attributes about what she's wearing and her body itself. Take your time and get her looking exactly how you want her, and then when you're ready, it's time for the real fun to get started! She'll be wearing a collar as she's leashed up to the wall with her hands cuffed together, yearning for you to fuck her hard and use her tight and skilled holes you make yourself cum nice and hard. Strip her down fully nude and then slap her around a bit to get things started - to her, this is foreplay! If you take a look down at the lower left part of the screen there will be a meter that fills up, which correlates to how much pain you are currently inflicting on her. Make sure to rough up her nice and good to get that meter filled up - the more used and abused she gets, the hornier she is, and the filthier the action in the game will become! After you've made sure to properly rough her up, cut loose and make her suck and tug on your prick before vigorously pounding out that soaking wet pussy and air tight asshole of hers, making sure to fill her up to the brim with each and every last drop of your hot and sticky cum before pulling out to let it leak out of her freshly fucked little hole. Plain and simple, if you love bondage, you will not want to miss out on BDSM Anime!