Balancing Gaming with Adult Responsibilities

Gaming is a blast. That’s why many of us do it. Sure, around these parts, we love our adult games. But in the real world, we also enjoy regular old gaming. But all types of gaming have one thing in common: They can distract us from real-world responsibilities. And that can derail our lives if we aren’t careful.

It’s important to learn how to achieve balance with our gaming habit. Because gaming is no fun if our significant others leave us and we’re unemployed.

At least, it shouldn’t be.

Understanding Time Management

If you want to manage time, you need to understand what that means.

Time management is a concept whereas you learn to utilize your time based on priorities. Don’t worry, no one is saying that all the fun stuff, gaming included, should be de-prioritized. Having fun needs to be included for mental health reasons. All work and no play makes everyone unhappy, stressed, and ultimately, less productive.

And time management should be applied on macro levels as well.

In other words, you should manage your time at a high level which looks something like this:

Work, dating/marriage, exercise, gaming, personal goals.

But within each of those, you need to attend to how you manage that time.

For example, in gaming.

In order to time manage gaming, you must prioritize how you game. Because gaming can be addictive, this can be a tricky area.

Let’s explore.

Specifying Times

One of the first things you should do is specify time for when you game. This controls how much time gaming takes over in your life. Without these restrictions, you could end up dabbling in gaming before lunch. Before you know it, you’re wasting away all afternoon in Call of Duty when you should be working.

Many people leave the gaming for night time after their responsibilities have been attended to. But only you know what works best with your schedule and priorities.

Choosing the Right Games

The games you choose can drastically impact time spent. Many games are highly immersive, offering wide landscapes and seemingly infinite exploration. If you find yourself getting too lost in these games and time’s getting away from you, you might choose these type games a little less.

If you struggle to meet your time management demands, have a hard look at the games that you are playing and which ones seem to make things more difficult.

Setting Boundaries

Healthy boundaries are the mark of a healthy, happy life. Setting boundaries around gaming is essential in keeping your gaming fun from harming your life.

Excessive and addictive gaming habits are a sneaky issue that most people don’t recognize until there’s already damage occurring.

Gaming is a rewarding hobby.

Just like with time management, you may need to set other types of boundaries.

Game -Free Zones

Make some areas of your home game-free zones. Are you laying in bed late at night gaming on your phone? That may not be healthy for stress and sleep. It might be a good idea to make your bed a game-free zone. You can do this with your dining room, as well.

The idea is to limit where you can game in your house as a way to cut back on how often you game.

You can set up areas in your home that are specifically for gaming. This often is the basement.

Use Tech Reminders

There are apps which will help you regulate your gaming. Also, consoles have the ability to remind you to take breaks. Use any and all of these options. You’d be surprised by how powerful a simple reminder to get up and walk around is. It helps you realize that you’ve been sitting sedentary for too long and you need to move. But also, it signals that you’ve gamed a bit too long.

Diversify Hobbies

The love for gaming is deep. We get it. But sometimes it’s a good idea to diversify hobbies so as not to get too addicted to any one thing. And maybe some of those additional hobbies should be exercise involved. Moving is a good thing and it acts as a distraction from addictive habits.


Game on. That’s right, game on and have fun. That said, time management is a helpful way to make your entire gaming experience a whole lot more fun. You shouldn’t few boundaries or time scheduling as punishment. Instead, view it as something that makes your gaming experiences richer.

And mostly, don’t lose your job or your relationships over gaming. That’s no good, bro.