Why Horror Games are So Frighteningly Cool

horror games

Horror games for many people have replaced horror films. Horror films were at one time an iconic part of our culture, but then, they stopped being scary. Fortunately, horror games filled that void.

But what is it about horror games that make them so much more effective at scaring us than horror flicks?

Let’s look at the psychology behind the horror game and explore how horror game developers manipulate our minds and create the terror.

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How Gaming Fosters Community and Connection

gaming and social interaction feature image showing someone holding up an iphone.

At one time, the gamer was considered an isolationist living a solitary life among daisy chained screens. The gamer didn’t want to attend social events, instead, he/she only wanted to sit in a dark room and play their favorite game until mastered. And then it was on to the next conquest.

Maybe all that’s a bit of hyperbole. But it’s not super far from the truth. However, the advent and continued evolution of multiplayer gaming capacity has changed all of that. Gaming is now a socially interactive event.

Let’s explore.

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Balancing Gaming with Adult Responsibilities

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Gaming is a blast. That’s why many of us do it. Sure, around these parts, we love our adult games. But in the real world, we also enjoy regular old gaming. But all types of gaming have one thing in common: They can distract us from real-world responsibilities. And that can derail our lives if we aren’t careful.

It’s important to learn how to achieve balance with our gaming habit. Because gaming is no fun if our significant others leave us and we’re unemployed.

At least, it shouldn’t be.

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