New GTA 6 “Coincidence” Has Fans Reeling with Anticipation

What can we say? We’re all GTA 6 obsessed. GTA 6, of course, is a part of a larger conversation about a 2025 gaming year that’s building up as potentially historic. GTA 6 is leading that charge. So everyone is taking any news we can get beyond the “it will be released in 2025” company line.

So it all comes down to a necklace seen on one of the GTA 6 trailer characters and one found in the store. Obsessed gamers in the sub-reddit, GTA6, noticed a striking similarity between the two.

And now we present thee with a shot from the GTA Online store, where very clearly, this necklace is available for sale.

Very clearly, it appears to be the same necklace, although the one in the store appears a bit longer. But yeah, it’s the same accessory.

What we really want to know is if Rockstar Games planted this on purpose as part of their enigmatic marketing campaign or if it was in fact, an accident. And there are more involved conspiracy theories, such as the price reflecting the exact release date. But we aren’t sure there given all the delays this game has experienced. Most likely, Rockstar Games wants to hold release date projections, at least exact dates, in their back pocket.

GTA 6 is anticipate to become one the all time best selling games in history. There’s so much hype around the game that we are reporting on crap like this. We can’t get enough.