Inside Forbidden Fantasy: An Adult Visual Novel

Indie developer Oppai-Man release a new adult visual novel. It’s titled, appropriately, Forbidden Fantasy. It hit online shelves a few months ago and it’s been largely well received.

Its a solid story, better than decent animations, and of course, there are demon girls. Like other Oppai-man games, the visuals are pretty good with a lot of focus on the female demon characters. The game is crisp with hearty audibles.

The graphics are fiery, featuring scantily attired demon-esq females. There is solid use of lighting which helps humanize their features, but it remains very eye popping in a fantasy or sci-fi way.

There are battles that feature insidious rivalries and a super immersive storyline that keeps you enthralled in all of the action.

Oppai-Man is known for its previous visual novel FreshWomen, so there’s definitely some successful history in the genre here. This makes expectations for Forbidden Fantasy pretty high. So far, it’s living up to those expectations.

Forbidden Fantasy is available on Steam so long as you are 18+ and logged in.

The indie adult gaming genre continues to grow and that’s in large part due to Patreon’s accessibility to these developers. Developers are able to make use of shoestring budgets and create their adult fantasies. Beyond the financial aspect, Patreon promotion also allows them to create hype and followings prior to full launches. Combine this with Steam’s 2018 decision to allow adult games on its network and we’ve seen a heck of a lot of growth in the market.